If you would like your Buddhist cause/organization listed please leave a request n the comments section here.

**NEW** as of April 2011, I will continue this list at the NEW sister Site BUDDHIST CAUSES


Buddhist Causes aims to help promote:

Large and small Buddhist charities , causes, non-profits and  Monasteries , to help foster networking and  exposure via social media efforts. This site is intended to be utilized by Buddhist owned and run causes, Monasteries and individual Monastics as a platform to generate funds and web presence.

Buddhist Causes will post updates and progress on charities when available.So I ask you to help me help you by sending me information about your cause/non-profit.

A Buddhist ccause is any non-profit organization that either promotes the propagation of  the Dharma or is run by lay or  Monastic Buddhists.


Buddhist Causes also has a Facebook page and a Twitter site , with these three Social Media platforms your organization will get more internet exposure, better chance of coming up in Google searches ,more web presences and visibility  which all aids in generating more supporters and funds for your cause/organization/charity while connecting you to people who want to help a Buddhist run/owned non-profit.


I am not a non-profit, I am just an individual who sees a need and is trying to fill it with my three platforms.

_/\_May the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas continue to guide and bless us

“Furthermore, Subhuti, in the practice of compassion and charity a disciple should be detached. That is to say, he should practice compassion and charity without regard to appearances, without regard to form, without regard to sound, smell, taste, touch, or any quality of any kind. Subhuti, this is how the disciple should practice compassion and charity. Why? Because practicing compassion and charity without attachment is the way to reaching the Highest Perfect Wisdom, it is the way to becoming a living Buddha”

-The Diamond Sutra

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