about Karma,Rebirth and Right View – Bhikkhu Bodhi

“It cannot be emphasized strongly enough that for Early Buddhism an understanding and acceptance of this principal of kamma and its fruit is an essential component of right view. Right view has two aspects, the world-bound or mundane aspect, which pertains to life within the world, and the supramundane or world-transcending aspect which pertains to the path to liberation. The world-transcending right view includes an understanding of the Four Noble Truths, dependent origination, and the three marks of impermanence, suffering and nonself. For Early Buddhism this world-transcending right view cannot be taken up in isolation from mundane right view.  Rather, it presupposes and depends upon the sound support of mundane right view, which means a firm conviction in the validity of the law of kamma and its unfolding through the process of rebirths. “


Excerpt from In The Buddha’s Words, An Anthology of Discourses from the Pali Canon by Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi

One thought on “about Karma,Rebirth and Right View – Bhikkhu Bodhi”

  1. RIGHT VIEW – The Buddha teaches in one of His Suttas: “But, when outsiders speak in dispraise of me, or of the Dhamma, or of the Sangha, you should unravel what is false and point it out as wrong, saying: for this or that reason this is not the fact, that is not so, such a thing is not found among us, is not in us.”

    There are many outsiders, as also ‘insiders’ not only speaking, but also writing in dispraise of the Buddha, the Buddha Dhamma, and the Buddha Sangha. Read this, if you please. And, if you can, act or react:

    SUJATO MISREPRESENTS TATHAGATA: in the Buddha Sangha, Sujato preaches that the Buddha said, what the Buddha did not say. At the same time, Sujato preaches that the Buddha did not say, what the Buddha said. SUJATO MISREPRESENTS TATHAGATA.

    Now, what are Sujato’s crime of hate records? As he wears the Sangha robes, and therefore, from within the Sangha, Sujato preached liberalization of intoxicants to all Buddhists, as to the world at large, and therefore, Sujato preached that all must take intoxicants. Although to be accepted in the Sangha, and to wear the Sangha robes, Sujato made the vow to refuse intoxicants.

    And, at the moment, what are Sujato’s records? Fully aware that the Buddha, the Buddha Dhamma Vinaya and the Buddha Sangha do not allow unchastity to Buddhist Nuns and Monks, and to all Buddhists do not allow unlawful sexual intercourse, bhante Sujato in full knowledge of his falsity and in reckless disregard to the Buddha, the Buddha Dhamma-Vinaya, and the Buddha Sangha, preaches unlawful sexual intercourse in the name of the Buddha, the Buddha Dhamma-Vinaya and the Buddha Sangha!

    Now, one of the Buddha sayings that perfectly saves from the downfall into Sujato falsities is the teaching that the Buddha gave to Maha Prajapati Gautama when she, after saluting Him, stood at one side and said: “Well for me, O Lord, if the Lord would show me a teaching, hearing which from the lips of the Exalted One, I might dwell alone, solitary, zealous, ardent, and resolved.” The Buddha said: ‘Of whatsoever teachings, Gautamid, thou canst assure thyself thus: These doctrines conduce to passions, not to dispassion; to bondage, not to detachment; to increase of [wordly] gains, not to decrease of them; to covetousness, not to frugality; to discontent, and not to content; to company, not solitude; to sluggishness, not energy; to delight in evil, not delight in good, of such teachings thou mayest with certainty affirm, Gautamid: ‘This is not the Dhamma. This is not the Vinaya. This is not the Buddha’s Message.’ But of whatsoever teachings thou canst assure thyself [that they are the opposite of these things that I have told you], of such teachings thou mayest with certainty affirm: ‘This is not the Dhamma. This is not the Vinaya. This is not the Buddha’s Message.” (Vinaya, ii. 10).

    But Sujato’s perverted view is destroyed here: “Putting away the killing of living things, Gautama, the Buddha holds aloof from the destruction of life.” As it is universally known, intoxicants kill human beings. Aware of this, the Buddha points the path of salvation to all when He teaches: no intoxicants. In the ten Precepts [Dasa-sila] as given by the Buddha to His Sangha [Buddhist Nuns and Monks], we read these two vows: (3): abstaining from unchastity; 5): abstaining from the use of intoxicants. In the five Precepts [Panca-sila], as given by the Buddha, these are two of the five vows made by all Buddhists, as also by anyone who converts to Buddhism: 3): abstaining from unlawful sexual intercourse; 5): abstaining from the use of intoxicants, drugs, liquors etc.” (Buddhist Dictionary, Bhikkhu Nyanatiloka Thera).

    And now to Dhammika. who preaches vegetarianism as if it were right action, not the freedom to eat established by the Buddha in person, to His Sangha. See his article in Anandajoti Bhikkhu web page in Internet. In this point, Dhammika acts as Devadatta, who also attempted to impose vegetarianism, against the Buddha.

    Now, Dhammika strikes again. This time, by way of a public scandal, in which Sujato, the Scandalous religious intolerant, receives his support to impose unlawful sexual intercourse in the Buddha Sangha. Not only out of it.

    Religious intolerance is crime of hate. Respect the Buddha, respect the Buddha Dhamma Vinaya, respect the true Buddha Sangha, as also all Buddhists who, in accordance to the laws of our religion, refuse unlawful sexual intercourse. We have the right to protect the Buddha, the Buddha Dhamma Vinaya, and the lawful Buddha Sangha, OUR RELIGION.

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