Mother’s Day Poem

A Parent’s Last Wishes.
My dear children,
You should try to care for me and try to be sympathetic of me when the day you see me old and weak!

“If I am messy with my meals, if I am sloppy with my clothes, please be patient” – You must know that I spent so much time to teach you those little things when you were a toddler.

“If I say the same thing again and again, please do not let it bother you! But just listen!” – When you were young, you begged me to tell you the same story a thousand times but I always pleased you.

“If when I am no longer be able to bath myself! Don’t be grouchy” – Just know that I fabricated so many tricks to entice you to take a bath when you did not want it.”

“When I am slow on learning new things, don’t be critical of me but give me time to learn.” – I taught you so many things from eating your meals, getting dressed, conducting yourself, facing challenges in life.

“If I have trouble hearing you or trouble talking, just give me time to think, don’t get angry or upset!” – Nothing is more important to me than being next to you and talking to you.

“If I do not have an appetite for food, don’t force me!” – I know when I am hungry and what I can eat. When my poor legs are tired of my body, then help me to walk the same way I helped you learned to take your very first steps in life.

“That is…I do not want to live anymore! That I want to die! Don’t be angry with me” – Perhaps, some day you will understand, at some point in our life, we actually do not live anymore! Our life is a mere existence. Someday, you will understand, even though your life will never be in complete satisfaction, I still want to give you to the best of everything; I want everything to be perfect when you grow up.

“You do not need to feel sad, despaired, or helpless to see me in my old age!” All you need to do is to sit next to me, try to appreciate all the wonderful things I did for you when you were born. Help me to walk again. Help me to see the end of my life that is full of love and patience from you. The most important thing for me is to thank you and that you show me “your smile and endless love.”
(On Mother’s Day – HC)
Author HC unknown — the above letter was written in Vietnamese by HC on Mother’s Day. Translated into English on January 4, 2011 by Jim Tam Huynh of
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One thought on “Mother’s Day Poem”

  1. A mother’s love determines how
    We love ourselves and others.
    There is no sky we’ll ever see
    Not lit by that first love.

    Stripped of love, the universe
    Would drive us mad with pain;
    But we are born into a world
    That greets our cries with joy.
    mothers day poems

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