Wordly and World-Transcending

Wordly and World-Transcending

Reply to Layman Sun Kuang-liang of T’ung-chou by Master Chu-hung

You  asked  this  question: “According  to  the world-transcending absolute truth, the worldly is identical to the world-transcending, so is it then unnecessary to seek transcendence? Since the true is not outside the false, what’s the use of seeking the true?”
If you do not understand the idea here, then the best thing for you to do would be to singlemindedly recite the buddha-name. When your mindfulness of buddha peaks, you will awaken, and having awakened, there will be nothing to discuss.
Even if you do not have great awakening, you will still leave this world “Endurance” and be born in the Pure Land. This is transcending the world. Dissolving away mixed mindfulness and purifying correct mindfulness is the absolute truth.
For now do not concern yourself with transcending or not transcending, or with what’s real and what’s not. Just do the work [of buddha-remembrance] until your mind is unified: then naturally you will comprehend properly.

One thought on “Wordly and World-Transcending”

  1. Reciting the Buddha names is child’s play. Just be “Pure Awareness” and the human intellect comes to a halt, you are no more conceptually and Prajna manifests with all other cirtues without a concept of self/ other, is/ is not etc…

    In the Surangama Sutra, Buddha clearly explains that there is One Way and that all Buddhas including Avalokisvara (Kwan Yin) entered by this as Buddha called this “Easy Expedient” Check it out and leave this shore and arrive at No Mind in one minute.

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