The Myth of Metaphysics

Ven. David Xi-Ken Astor

As a Buddhist monk from a Ch’an and Soto Zen teaching linage, I would like to express how Zen Buddhism addresses the issue of metaphysics in a pragmatic Buddhist practice.  The question comes up often enough that it deserves a post of its own.  Not only do we confront the question today, the Buddha was ask multiple times too. READ MORE AT Metaphysics.

2 thoughts on “Metaphysics”

  1. Thanks again for posting my thoughts on why metaphysics has little value in a contemporary practice. I would add a comment the Buddha made in the Culamalunkya Sutra found in the Majjhima Nikaya. He said, “Many statements I have left unsaid. Why have I left them unsaid? Because they are not helpful. They are not fundamental to the holy life. They do not lead to peace, knowledge, awakening, nirvana.”

    The Buddha was not as concerned about understanding how the Universe worked as much as he was about learning how we humans work within it. You have a wonderful site here.

    I bow in respect,

    Ven. David Xi-Ken Shi

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