Poetry by Gendün Chöpel / The Angry Monk

Poetry by Gendün Chöpel /

The Angry Monk

Gendün Chöpel (Wyl. dge ‘dun chos ‘phel) (1903-1951) was one of the most original thinkers in Tibetan history, Gendün Chöpel was a philosopher, historian, artist, translator, traveller and a campaigner for the modernisation of

Gendün Chöpel / The Angry Monk
"I'm like a vase of lapis lazuli, which have been thrown against a stone" Gendün Chöpel

Tibet. He translated the Dhammapada from Pali into Tibetan. His life is

documented in the film Angry Monk: Reflections on Tibet (2005).

To follow, excerpt from the book and one of the many reasons why I love and respect this monk( there are always those few people that we just have a special affinity for, he is one) and it’s not because he was a reincarnate , or scholarly, it was because, like all of us at one time or another in our lives we ‘just didn’t belong ‘, or ‘no one hears’ or simply and likely ‘ dancing to the beat of a different drum’.. and some even felt it  among fellow “Buddhist” ‘  That was his life ( read the book ^_^) he just kept doing what was in his heart, even if it ment he walked alone and died alone…. isn’t that the Way, anyway?

excerpt: …..

“As noted above, Gendün Chöpel  was a highly trained Buddhist scholar. While a child he had been identified as the incarnation of a Nyingma lama, and he had been trained at the highest levels of the Geluck academy. He was among the most erudite Buddhist scholars of the twentieth century. He thus wrote many poems with Buddhist themes, many of which contain instructions on how to practice the Buddhist path. But, as he often lamented , he wrote without being empowered to do so by a high lama or at the request of a powerful patron . Nor was he approached by students who offered him gold in exchange for his teachings. This did not prevent him from writing beautiful Buddhist poetry, but, like so many of his works, he did so wndering whether it would ever be read.”

Lucky us he kept writing _/\_

“In the Forest of Faded Wisdom, 104 poems by Gendun Chopel”

2 thoughts on “Poetry by Gendün Chöpel / The Angry Monk”

  1. i am a monk of Tibet in Yuthok Monastery. I am very interesting with Gedhun Choepel’s poems, Here i read some of poems in English, but my English is not very good, I can’t understant all the things as Tibetan.
    Thanks lot!
    Yours Reader G.Lungtok.

    1. Namo Buddhaya Venerable,
      Gedhun Choepel’s story is sad and beautiful at the same time, he was real and ahead of his time. I have the book with his poems in Tibetan, I would be delighted to send it to you Venerable, just send me your address ^_^
      May all beings find the cause for happiness.
      Upasika Melissa

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