Venerable Master Jen Chun’s Teachings

Venerable Master Jen Chun 1919-2011

Ven. Jen Chun (仁俊長老), the former president of the Buddhist Association of the United States and the founder and guiding teacher of Bodhi Monastery and Yin Shun Foundation, passed away in Taiwan 11:17pm on 2/9/2011. Ven. Jen Chun was born in Jiangsu Province in China in July 1919 and entered monastic life as a novice at the age of seven. At age 20 he entered the Buddhist academy of Tian–Ning Temple (天寧寺). Thereafter he studied at the Ming–Nan Buddhist Academy (閩南佛學院).

In 1949 he moved to Hong Kong, where he became a student of Master Yinshun (1906-2005), the foremost Chinese scholar-monk of modern times. He followed Master Yinshun to Taiwan in 1953 and taught at the Fu–yan Buddhist Academy (福嚴佛學院).

He moved to the U.S. in 1974. Here he was invited by BAUS to be the Abbot of “Temple of Enlightenment” and Vice President of the BAUS. He also served as the president of the Buddhist Association of the United States (BAUS) from 1980 ~ 1984, and 2002 ~ 2007, presented great leadership in shaping Buddhism development in America. Master Jen-Chun had led a simple life in New Jersey, teaching numerous followers. His goal is to create a pure form of Buddhism in the United States by emphasizing the study and practice of Dharma instead of ritual practices and ceremonies. He always reminded Buddhists, follow the Buddha’s teaching, not the Buddhist icons (依法不依人).

He had been the most senior Chinese monk in the greater New York area, and internationally was one of the most respected monks among the Buddhist populations of Taiwan, China, and Southeast Asia.

Source: BAUS website 

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