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– Ryokan

Buddha preached in the twelve divisions,485349_611817428835363_42599402_n

each division full of purest truth.

East wind — rain comes in the night,

making all the forest fresh and new.

No sutra that does not save the living,


no branch in the forest not visited by spring.


Learn to understand the meaning in them,


don’t try to decide which is “valid,” which is not.

– Ryokan

The Lotus -Ryokan

First blooming in the Western Paradise,
The lotus has delighted us for ages.
Its white petals are covered with dew,
its jade green leaves spread out over the pond,
And its pure fragrance perfumes the wind.
Cool and majestic, it raises from the murky water.
The sun sets behind the mountains
But I remain in the darkness, too captivated to leave.


Ryokan Poem 1

My hut lies in the middle of a dense forest;
Every year the green ivy grows longer.
No news of the affairs of men,
Only the occasional song of a woodcutter.
The sun shines and I mend my robe;
When the moon comes out I read Buddhist poems.
I have nothing to report                                                                                                                                      my friends.
If you want to find the meaning, stop chasing after
so many things.

– Ryokan