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Lessons On Justice As Is Reflected In Osama bin Laden’s Death

As Buddhists our task is to use the common sense and moral values we believe in to confront injustice and evil. Today’s lesson is that we live in the real world. In the service of freedom and liberty and of peace and justice, let us dampen our pride, anger and hatred we may feel toward this enemy, and, yes, maybe our lack of compassion, and seek a path of wisdom. In doing so, we may reflect Siddhartha’s heritage, in which remaining mindful of the lessons of our causal Universe is the price of liberty. In all things let us act in hope and compassion and not in hatred, so that we continue to live in a land where justice and mercy depend ultimately not upon law, but upon the deeper source of justice and mercy in the values that are nurtured when we our awakened to the interconnectiveness of all phenomena, and that the difference between us is but an illusion.” –Ven. David Xi-Ken Astor 曦 肯

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