2 thoughts on “Buddhist Global Relief’s “Walk to Feed The Hungry” Sept. 10, 2011 « Buddhist Causes”

  1. Amituofo, this is my first visit to your blog. Thanks for all those great links It will be a pleasure to read all of it. Would you mind reading my ‘about’ section? It maybe unsuitable for the page and would you mind giving an opinion about moveing it to another page and what to call it?

    I did work on a english translation of the Platform Sutra over 10 years ago, it was published by Hsi Lai Temple. I see you have the sutra of hui neng here. Wonderful!


    1. Amituofo Venerable,
      I am sorry for taking so long to reply back to you. Thank you for liking the content on my blog, may I always keep it true and wholesome!
      I looked at your “about me” post, I think it is fine and appropriate, it is you introducing yourself and your purpose for blogging, straightforward, and straightforward is best, agree? 🙂
      I rejoice in your good deeds of translating Buddhist text!
      Yes, The Sutra of Hui Neng , I cannot say how wonderful it is!
      Be well
      With much Metta,

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